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Tell Somebody

Aug 13, 2015

For the August13, 2015 edition of Tell Somebody,I got together with Joe McGovern to talk about his current project. According to his website,, Joe is a progressive liberal democrat who has always been interested in politics, but who recently grew tired of the extreme political partisanship in America today. He got the idea for a documentary film he calls “The Other Side: a liberal democrat explores conservative America” to see if he could find another way – a better way – to talk to those he disagrees with. 20,000 miles, 5 months, 35 states and 82 interviews later, Joe and his team are editing the footage of his journey into a 75 minute documentary.

Joe and Charlie were passing through the area again on August 8, 2015, and I caught up with him in Independence, MO for breakfast and a conversation about his film. Give a listen.

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