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Tell Somebody

Dec 22, 2012

Although it has a Community Advisory Panel (for window dressing?) for the severely contaminated Kansas City Bannister Federal Complex, the NNSA has a preferred planning partner, Centerpoint Properties, when it comes to communication and making decisions about what to do with the soon to be abandoned Kansas City nuclear weapons parts plant.  Centerpoint is the same corporation developing the new nuke plant in Kansas City.  

In a November 30, 2012 posting to their website, the NNSA wrote: "In August 2012, the NNSA identified a preferred planning partner to discuss future reuse opportunities. Through discussions with the preferred planning partner, NNSA has determined that only land uses consistent with current zoning constraints are feasible.  This change eliminates the need to study options outside those zoning restrictions such as residential use. Therefore, NNSA has also decided to withdraw its earlier NOI published in January 2012."

The December 18 edition of Tell Somebody includes audio from a public information session at the IBEW Local 124 Union Hall in south Kansas City where the NNSA tried to explain why they withdrew plans for an Environmental Impact Statement.  This followed thoughts on the show about the apparent Presidential cave-in on Social Security in fiscal cliff negotiations, Zero Dark Thirty's false glorification of torture, truly heroic teachers, and America's very selective concern about slaughtered children.

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