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Tell Somebody

Dec 23, 2009

On this week's show, Legal Aid of Western Missouri is looking for cases in which renters are being evicted from foreclosed properties, and the Army general in command of US forces in northern Iraq says pregnancy could lead to court martial and jail time.

In the first segment, Gregg Lombardi, Executive Director of Legal Aid of Western Missouri talks about the new law requiring lenders to give 90 days notice before eviction to renters of foreclosed properties.

Then, Marjorie Cohn, immediate past president of the National Lawyers Guild and law professor at Thomas Jefferson School of Law reacts to a Stars and Stripes article that says that Major General Anthony Cucolo III, the Army general commanding U.S. forces in northern Iraq has a policy in place that makes it possible for personnel who become pregnant, or impregnate a service member, to face court martial and jail time.

Then we hear a bit of audio from a town hall meeting on health problems faced by Kansas City WMD plant workers, and the show ends with track 3 of The Recipe's take on the Bill of Rights.

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Tom Klammer