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Tell Somebody

Sep 27, 2011

On the September 27, 2011, edition of Tell Somebody, David Barsamian, Director of Alternative Radio, tells how he was deported from New Delhi, India, apparently  because of his reporting of human rights abuses in Kashmir.

Also on this show, a quick update on the city-owned nuclear weapons parts plant going up in Kansas...

Sep 20, 2011

The September 20, 2011, edition of Tell Somebody featured the ceremony officially proclaiming September 19, 2011, as KKFI Community Radio Recognition Day, the denial of clemency for Troy Davis, who was killed by the state of Georgia the day after the broadcast, and some classic Amy Goodman.

The day before the broadcast,...

Sep 13, 2011

"...and 9/11 happened in front of their faces, I mean you just look out the window and there are these buildings tumbling down, and the news people took it personally and were reacting to in the sense that they felt that, sort of  revenge, or preventing another attack was really necessary."

Peter Arnett speaking about...

Sep 6, 2011

On the September 6, 2011 editon of Tell Somebody, Sierra Club Water Sentinels director Scott Dye talks about the new cleanup plan for the Bannister Federal Complex that avoids putting it on the Superfund National Priorities List.

Click on the the pod icon above or the .mp3 filename below to listen to the show, or...