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Tell Somebody

Oct 31, 2013

Nuclear Watch New Mexico executive director Jay Coghlan returned to Tell Somebody on October 31, 2013 ahead of a couple of speaking engagements in Kansas City about the Kansas City Nuclear weapons parts plants, old and new, billed “KC: Linchpin in Nuclear Weapons Production, or 50 Ways to Leave Your Nukes!”

Oct 30, 2013

On the evening of October 21, 2013, there was a preview screening of the film "Money for Nothing, Inside the Federal Reserve" at the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC). After the film, there was a panel discussion about the film with the filmmaker, Jim Bruce, and UMKC professors Dr. Stephanie Kelton, chair of...

Oct 24, 2013

On the October 24, 2013 edition of Tell Somebody Richard Tripp, Executive Director of Care of Poor People, Inc. returned and brought Duane Skjervem, executive director of Hope Faith Ministries along with him to talk about Coppinc’s Survival 13 event for the homeless on November 30. 

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Oct 17, 2013

The IPCC Fifth Amendment Report (AR5) on climate change was released in Stockholm on September 27th. The New York Times reported on what it called the report’s “near certainty” that humans are responsible for the rising temperatures of recent decades. On this week’s Tell Somebody, one of its contributing...

Oct 3, 2013

Hendrik (Hank) van den Berg is a professor of economics at the University of Nebraska, visiting the UMKC economics department for a year.  Professor van den Berg got on the phone with Tell Somebody to talk about the September 30, 2013 government shutdown, the looming debt ceiling situation, and other issues.

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