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Tell Somebody

Apr 24, 2014

On the April 24, 2014 edition of Tell Somebody, we heard from Dr. Vandana Shiva, longtime peace activist Brian Terrell, and former CIA analyst Ray McGovern.

Author and ecological activist Dr. Shiva made some brief remarks at a dinner a day after speaking at Unity Temple on the Plaza in Kansas City on April 17, an...

Apr 10, 2014

David Cobb, 2004 Green Party Presidential nominee and current Move To Amend spokesman will be speaking in Springfield MO on April 21, 2014 before coming to Kansas City on April 22. Both are stops on the 2014 Barnstorming Tour, “Challenging Corporate Power & Creating Democracy.” 

Cobb got on the phone with Tell...

Apr 3, 2014

Since first speaking with her on the phone for a segment about water privatization on the Heartland Labor Forum in 2003, I have been hoping Dr. Vandana Shiva would someday make it to Kansas City.

So I was delighted to read a couple of months ago that Cultivate Kansas City was partnering with UMKC to host a 2-day...