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Tell Somebody

May 8, 2012

The May 8, 2012 edition of Tell Somebody has Bob Edgar, President and CEO of Common Cause talking about a complaint filed with the IRS against the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) regarding their status as a non-profit organization, and why the conflicts of interest of Justices Scalia and Thomas should cause the SCOTUS to vacate the Citizens United v FEC decision.

And, speaking of Citizens United, that decision solidified the idea that corporations are 'persons'  under the law and therefore have Constitutional rights, yes?  Then as 'persons,' they should have responsibilities and liabilities like us individual persons, yes?

Not so fast.  Corporations are persons, but individuals aren't corporate persons, only individual persons are individuals, because "individual" means a real person, not a corporate one, yes?

We heard oral arguments before the Supreme Court about whether organizations and corporations can be held accountable for their bad acts under laws governing what 'individuals' can do.

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