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Tell Somebody

Sep 4, 2012

On Thursday, August 30, 2012, at the same time as the Kansas City Council was voting, reluctantly, but decisively, to put a citizens initiative about future city involvement in nuclear weapons production boondoggles on the ballot, and in the wake of an announcement of Centerpoint Properties, developer of the new Kansas City nuclear weapons plant, as redeveloper of the old facility, the Bannister Federal Complex Community Advisory Panel (CAP) met to talk about what the Sierra Club's Scott Dye has called a 360 acre festering hellhole.  The CAP was established by Inter-agency Environmental Leadership Council (EPA and GSA et al) to be an "independent, community-oriented advisory panel whose members will individually provide input to the IELC about environmental and redevelopment issues. The long-term objective is that the Bannister Federal Complex would continue to be a viable economic asset to the community. The CAP will also act as a communication conduit and forum for stakeholders within the complex and surrounding community."

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Tell Somebody attended the CAP meeting and came out with audio of alphabet soup answers to simple questions.