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Tell Somebody

Oct 27, 2009

On October 10th on the Every Woman show on KKFI, Sharon Lockhart and her cohost Alexis Burdick had a couple of guests on the show talking about their …rather Kafkaesque experience with local government after they found out they had bought what is known as a DART house.  DART is an acronym for Drug Abatement Response Team, funded by COMBAT (Community Backed Anti-Drug Sales Tax 

With the COMBAT Tax coming up for a renewal vote, Sharon and I thought you might want to hear about some serious concerns about a program that even its critics say has its good points.  So, we decided to post an edition of Every Woman here. 

What’s a DART house?  Give a listen 

(right click on the .mp3 filename below and choose "save target as" to save mp3 to your computer).