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Tell Somebody

Jul 21, 2009

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We talked a lot on Tell Somebody about bad media coverage generally, and specifically on the subject of healthcare reform:

Tom Klammer: Who Sits at the Health-Reform Table?

Recently on Counterspin on KKFI, we heard about a Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting online petition demanding that TV networks stop their blackout of single payer.  I read more at, and then I contacted FAIR's communications director, Isabel Macdonald, who told us more about the petition, and gave a preview of coming attractions in FAIR's magazine Extra!

And, again, please hold up your hand if you already knew that 85% of the non-nuclear components for the US nuclear weapons arsenal are made right her in Kansas City.  GSA/NNSA/PIEA and a compliant Kansas City, MO city council have worked a tax break deal with private developers to boondoggle- er I mean build - a new WMD plant, and DOE is looking at dumping waste mercury in the old plant. 

Now, even though you could very easily construct the argument that the city council set the table for waste dump proposals, a compliant citizenry is letting the council-critters and Congressman Cleaver win easy points with vacuous statements against violating the neighborhoods of the Kansas City plant. 

Former Kansas City Plant employee Maurice Copeland and PSR/Peaceworks KC rep Ann Suellentrop fill out the second part of the show.  Having trouble with all the alphabet soup?   Right click on the mp3 link, save it, and give a listen.

Tom Klammer

almost thirteen years ago

keep up the good work Tom we need people like you offering the little guys a voice and the information to move forward with and create accountability.
Thank you
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