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Tell Somebody

Aug 7, 2012

On Sunday, August 5, 2012, a Hiroshima/Nagasaki remembrance was held in Loose Park in Kansas City, MO.  You'll hear excerpts from this event including Gayle June reading his son's interview with Gayle's mother, the late Michiko Okada June, about surviving the atom bomb attack on Nagasaki, Peaceworks KC board president Henry Stoever talking about his upcoming trial for protesting at the new nuclear weapons parts plant in Kansas City, and retired minister Ron Faust talking about his upcoming trial for protesting unmanned drone warfare at Whiteman Air Force Base near Knob Knoster, MO - all accompanied by a multitude of cicadas and a nearby drum circle.  The photo on this page is of a piece called Supplicant, one of many displayed at the event by scuplptor Beth Vannatta.

In the last segment of the show - excerpts from the closing plenary at the 2012 Grass Roots Radio Conference in Urbana, IL.

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