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Tell Somebody

Feb 20, 2014

On Tell Somebodyon February 20, 2014, the main topic was McCutcheon v FEC, the Supreme Court case described as worse than Citizens United in terms of possible impact on money in elections. Public Citizen Senior Organizer Aquene Freechild talked about same-day events being planned all over the country to respond to a decision being handed down in the McCutcheon case, which could be as early as Monday, February 24.  After that, we heard audio clips from the oral arguments in the case heard In October, 2013.


But first, news from the Oxford Union in England, hosting an event just the night before the broadcast honoring Chelsea Manning, 2014 recipient of the Sam Adams award for Integrity in Intelligence.  Tell Somebodyplayed audio from 2013 Sam Adams awardee Edward Snowden, who appeared at the Oxford Union via video stream from Moscow.  Also, word of a lawsuit filed against the U.S. State Department on behalf of Ray McGovern, and Kansas City nuclear weapons parts plant cleanup Community Advisory Panel news.


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