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Tell Somebody

Dec 15, 2009

The Supreme Court had been expected to have ruled already on a case that could overturn a century of election campaign precedent and solidify the faulty idea of "corporate personhood."  Citizens United vs Federal Election Commission started as a case examining the 'swiftboating' of Hilary Clinton during her presidential bid, but an activist Supreme Court expanded it into an excuse to try to open the floodgates of corporate free speech in the form of cash.  We'll get an explanation of all that from Public Citizen's legislative representative Craig Holman.

After that, Kansas City activists Ann Suellentrop and Maurice Copeland talk about a town hall dealing with the health problems of workers exposed to myriad toxic substances in the Kansas City nuclear weapons components plant.

The show ends with a spoken word piece on the Second Amendment by Priest and 337, aka The Recipe, from their CD on the Bill of Rights.

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Tom Klammer