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A weekly public affairs program on KKFI-FM 90.1, Kansas City community radio.

An interview with the author of Killing for Coal, America's Deadliest Labor War, comments on media reform by Michael Copps, the new interim chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, and an excerpt from a speech on single payer healthcare by medical studtent Tim Lyon.



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Mohammed Atwa is a Kansas City resident with Palestinian family members in Gaza. Mr. Atwa’s mother works for the UN and lives in Gaza, while his brother is a journalist for Ramattan, the only news organization reporting live on events in the Gaza Strip during the recent crisis. Mr. Atwa stated on the program "my house [in Gaza] was bombed. This is the second time actually that my house was bombed."

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Ray McGovern Discusses Gaza Crisis This week's Tell Somebody radio program features a continuation of a conversation with Ray McGovern, former CIA official and now political activist.
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Retired CIA Analyst Ray McGovern on Leon Panetta as nominee to head CIA During the Obama transition, 27 year veteran CIA analyst Ray McGovern appeared weekly on Tell Somebody to comment on appointments and other goings-on.  On this edition, Ray talks about reports of Leon Panetta as prospective head of CIA and Admiral Blair as Director of National Intelligence.
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Intel Veteran Ray McGovern on Leon Panetta as CIA Chief

Ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern appeared weekly on Tell Somebody during the Obama transition.  In this edition of Tell Somebody, Ray reacts to reports of Leon Panetta's selection to head the CIA and discusses what he thinks are important qualification for the post, discussing at length some of his experiences at the agency.

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