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Craig & Cindy Corrie, Tent State UMKC, Nukes, & Russian Revolution Part VII

Rachel Corrie was killed 6 years ago while trying to save a Palestinian family from having their home demolished, and possibly from their own deaths, by a US-supplied Israeli bulldozer.

On what would have been Rachel Corrie's 30th birthday, I had the opportunity to see the play My Name is Rachel Corrie at the Unicorn Theater in Kansas City, and to meet again with Rachel's parents, Craig and Cindy Corrie.  I recorded a conversation with them the next day, and part of it can be heard on this week's edition of Tell Somebody.  More information on Rachel Corrie at

Tent State University returns to UMKC Wednesday-Friday, April 22nd-24th with free food, speakers, and much more.  UMKC student and Tent State organizer Jessica Farmer came to the KKFI Studios to tell us about it.

Bill Wickersham, founding member of the Missouri University Nuclear Disarmament Education Team (MUNDET), will be speaking on Monday April 27th 2009 in the Business Center at Longview Community College.  Wickersham tells us about that.

And Russian Revolution returns to Tell Somebody this week with Part VII of Eyewitness to the Russian Revolution, a never-before published account of the February 1917 revolution that ended the reign of the Czars.

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Prof. Robert McChesney On Saving Journalism

Recently, Robert McChesney put out an email that said,in part, "The Nation just published an article I wrote on the crisis on journalism with my friend John Nichols. It is titled " The Death and Life of Great American Newspapers," though it concerns the entirety of journalism. If this is an issue that you care about, I think you might find the piece of more than passing interest. We make an argument to address the problem going far beyond most of what has been proposed to date."

In this edition of Tell Somebody I talk to McChesney about the future of journalism.

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