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Tell Somebody

Nov 29, 2011

On the Novemeber 29, 2011 edition of Tell Somebody we re-broadcast a show from May, 2011 that was never podcast.  The show featured Kansas City NBC Action News investigative reporter Russ Ptacek discussing his work on the Bannister Federal Complex and the workers there who were sickened by exposure to toxic...

Nov 22, 2011

The November 22, 2011, edition of Tell Somebody has an interview with Christine Shearer, author of Kivalina, A Climate Change Story, news of Obama's FCC Chair Julius Genachowski's plans to trash media cross-ownership rules, and part of a Bradley Manning Support network press conference about his upcoming pre-trial...

Nov 15, 2011

On the November 15, 2011 edition of Tell Somebody, we hear from cab driver, author and Care of Poor People Inc ( founder and director about his November 2011 event for the homeless in Kansas City.

After that, we hear remarks made by Ralph Nader and Bill Moyers at the Public Citizen (

Nov 8, 2011

Nearly two years ago, over a month before the decision was handed down in the Citizens United v FEC case, Public Citizen's Legislative Representative Craig Holman was a guest on Tell Somebody and he explained the origins of the case, how the Supreme Court expanded it in an unusual way in June, 2009, and why it was...

Nov 1, 2011

The first half of the November 1, 2011, edition of Tell Somebody features voices of the people at Occupy KC on October 29 and October 30, and the second half of the show is a radio documentary called Inside Occupy Wall Street. 

Big thanks go to producer Paul Fischer for giving permission to include his work in...