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Tell Somebody

Nov 24, 2009

On this edition of Tell Somebody, Richard Tripp, cabdriver, author, and former homeless person tells us about Survival 09, the Care of Poor People Event to help provide food and clothing to those in need.

Pitch Blog on Richard Tripp:

Nov 17, 2009

At the website, a picture I suppose representing happy Kansas City Plant employees accompanies this message:

To sign up for the beryllium medical surveillance program contact Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) at 1-866-812-6703.

On November 6, 2009, the Planned Industrial Expansion Authority of...

Nov 10, 2009

KKFI's Bill Clause talks about his play, 1937: One Helluva Year, a fact-based drama-comedy-musical about the about the struggle for racial equality, womens rights and workers rights in 1937 Kansas City.

A. Phillip Randolph and and the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters figure prominently in the play, so we go to the...

Nov 3, 2009

In the first segment of the show, I talk with Gershon Baskin, founder of the Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information (IPCRI).  Baskin spoke recently at the Jewish Community Center in Overland Park, Kansas on the topic "Is Peace in the Middle East Possible?" Founded in Jerusalem in 1988, IPCRI is the only...

Nov 2, 2009

Edward Wood is a World War II veteran featured in the documentary film The Good Soldier.  In this edition of Tell Somebody, originally broadcast in October, 2007, Wood talked about what was then his new book, Worshipping the Myths of World War II - Reflections on America's Dedication to War.

right-click on the .mp3...