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Tell Somebody

Mar 3, 2016

Alternative Radio’s David Barsamian returned for the March 3, 2016 edition of  Tell Somebodyon the phone for a live call-in show. Just returned from a trip to Lebanon, he talked about that and took questions from callers as the show entered its final month.

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Aug 20, 2015

On the August 20, 2015 edition of Tell Somebody, Richard Rhodes appeared for the second time in as many weeks. Rhodes had been on the phone for the July 30 edition of the show, ahead of an August 9, 2015 speaking engagement in Independence, that would mark the 70th anniversary of the bombing of Nagasaki,

May 28, 2015

On the May 28, 2015 edition of Tell Somebody, Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) co-founder and former CIA analyst Ray McGovern reminds us that the “intelligence” used to justify the invasion and occupation of Iraq was “fixed,” not “flawed,” and explains for whom the surge worked.


Apr 30, 2015

On April 15, 2015, fast food workers and others across the country and around the world struck and marched and spoke up for $15 and a union. On the April 30th edition we heard some of the sounds and voices of marchers and speakersat a rally and march in Kansas City

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Mar 19, 2015

The March 19, 2015 edition of Tell Somebody begins with some thoughts about the March anniversaries of the deaths, murders really, resulting from government policies in Germany and Israel, of Anne Frank, sometime in March, 1945, and of Rachel Corrie on March 16, 2003.

Then we consider some of the less-discussed...