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Tell Somebody

Mar 15, 2013

Kansas City cab driver and advocate for the homeless Richard Tripp and investigative journalist and New York Times best-selling author Greg Palast were guests on the the March 12, 2013 edition of Tell Somebody.

For years, Richard Tripp, founder and director of Care of Poor People ( has held a Winter Survival event, and a Spring Break for the homeless in Kansas City.  For years, a couple thousand Kansas Citians have gotten free food, free clothes, and free entertainment twice a year from Tripp's organization.  As spring approaches this year, there are rumblings of coming legislation to outlaw giving food to hungry people outside of (inadequate) shelters and food kitchens, or, as a recent Kansas City Star article put it, "pretty soon, feeding the homeless in Kansas City without permission could be just as illegal as feeding the geese."  

Tripp is "not ready to make nice" about this, and talks about it on the show.

In the second half of the show, we hear about the late Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, from someone who knew him: investigative journalist and New York Times Bestselling author Greg Palast.  Palast describes the real Chavez, not the boogeyman "dictator" portrayed in the fawning corporate media, and works in tidbits about the Koch brothers, Canadian Tar Sands oil, and more (including a free download about Chavez at

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