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Tell Somebody

Sep 19, 2013

On the September 19, 2013 edition of Tell Somebody, we take a look at the upcoming Supreme Court case McCutcheon v Federal Election Commission, a case brought by a wealthy donor and the Republican National Committee seeking to overturn limits to contributions by individuals to candidates and committees.

First we hear from Scott Nelson, attorney at the Public Citizen litigation group in Washington D.C., and then we listen in on a telephone press conference put on by ReThink Media, "a non profit communications organization supporting the work of advocacy groups fighting back against the corrupting influence of money in our political system."

Representatives of three of six organizations supporting campaign finance reform that filed briefs in this case, The Campaign Legal Center, The Brennan Center, and The Constitutional Accountability Center, spoke on the telephone conference.  This podcast includes an additional 10 minutes from the conference that had to be cut from the broadcast due to time constraints.

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